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Travel Day

Getting to Mendoza, Argentina from Czechia/Slovakia is not logistically easy! It has been a multi-day airplane journey.

The trip started with me and Adka flying out of Venna, Austria to Barcelona Spain and there we spent a couple days. Barcelona was amazing! We got to see a lot of sites architected by Gaudi and Adka and I had a lot of great food and did some fun shopping together. Peter then flew in to Barcelona and we both met up at the airport yesterday. From Barcelona, Spain we took an Iberia/Level flight to Santiago, Chile. This flight was super long! It was a 15 hour flight and what we didnt realize is that when we changed our seats in the airplane that we would miss out on the only meal they served on the whole flight! As we sat together on a better pair of seats our food was brought out to our old seats and we can safely assume someone ate it! So we ended up snacking the whole 15 hours on candy bars and small airpane food purchases. We got into Santiago, Chile around 10PM local time last night (Jan 11th) and we booked a hotel right at the airport to rest up.

Today we had one flight left and this one was from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina. It was an hour long flight and as we were flying over the Andes we were hoping to catch a glimpse of our objective: Mt. Aconcagua :) or... at least some good window seat views! We managed both :) Now we are in Mendoza finalizing our final list of items we will need for our expedition up the mountain. More to come in the next couple of days so stay tuned.

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