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Day 6 - Rest Day at Base Camp

First of all: I would like to say a big thank you to all of you reading this blog, for following our journey, and for sending positive support. The internet situation is difficult and I promise I read all of your messages and I will respond to all of your messages as I get down to civilization.

Today we are finally resting at Plaza De Mulas (base camp) and I got to sleep in and recover! Breakfast was at 9am and after that I stayed in the breakfast tent until 1pm playing on my phone and messaging everyone (family, friends, instagram) and  catching up on this blog.

After getting my wifi addiction dose it’s time to explore base camp as apparently it’s the 2nd largest base camp in the world after Everest base camp!

There is a coffee shop here called INKA and they offer wifi, a charging station, and some nice coffee.

There are also showers here and restrooms (not always that sanitary looking).

There is also the highest located art gallery in the world here run by Miguel. We visited him and gave him some Slovak chocolates and some Argentinian pesos and he gave us  postcards he made :) super nice guy. There is a hammock in front of his gallery and the place looks very chill.

After our little tour I go and nap into the tent to catch up on even more sleep. Then as I write this little blog I listen to a podcast from Joe Rogan and John Reeves talking about an amazing pre ice age boneyard found on John’s property.

I sleep some more and then it’s time for dinner. After dinner we do some more chatting and planning for how we will attack acclimatization and the summit.

Here is our preliminary plan for tomorrow:

18.1 go up to C1 (5000m)

19.1 go up to C2 (5500m) to sit there for 3-5 hours and then walk down to base camp (4300m)

20.1 rest day in base camp

21.1 Climb up to C2 (5500m) and sleep there

22.1 rest day at C2 and at 22:00 we begin summit push

23.1 we continue summit push overnight and  our hard stop turn around is 15:00. After summit back to C2

24.1 Come down from C2 to base camp

25.1 30km Hike out of the park

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