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Day 10 - Rest Day at Plaza De Mulas

Good morning! Today is Jan 21 and I probably got the best nights sleep in all of this trip. Finally! That’s a positive :) and I got to read a little before going to bed. I thought I would be reading way more on this trip but every opportunity I get to rest I close my eyes. It’s definitely not a vacation in a sense of resting and relaxing! It’s full time go go go all the time.

The body and mind are tired -

I am starting to question my decision of coming here. I think part of me was looking for some answers in my life and I found them and so I consider this journey to be a personal success. Summit or no summit I have the answers I came looking for or rather I should say they came to me vividly over the last couple of nights. Very content with that.

To be honest I wanted to share with you my camp 2 experience - not sure if it was hallucinations (most likely) but an angel came and visited me at night. Yes it’s sounds crazy thinking of it now but definitely true… happy to tell you more about it if curious :)

Today we are strategizing at base camp now how to do the summit and what’s the best way to do it regarding the weather window and move from base camp to C2.

More rest today and finally a chance to read and catch up on work emails. Starting to miss my daily routine ( girl, family, work, home, good food and a regimented workout schedule). Altitude takes a toll!

Today was my best day on the trip because I was rested and my stomach issues went away “somewhat” or at least I learned to live with them :)

We had great chats with the group. There are some very strong personalities here that I am impressed and inspired by. Strong mentally and physically and from all walks of life. I take inspiration in their strength and dedication and mental fortitude. I can say that I made new friends and I wasn’t expecting to make such cool friends at my age of 33 :)   

It’s important to focus on the present and do this one step at a time!

And guess what!? Alex Honnold is here on the mountain as well! How cool ! Rumors go he is summiting soon.

A highlight was a group BBQ Argentinian style and sitting by a gas stove at sunset watching the sun set atop Aconcagua through our tents some window 😍

Looks like we will be starting our summit push on Monday 22:00 local time from C2 but let’s see if that holds true.

Cheers until tomorrows check in.

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