Film project with race car driver Mato Homola featured on Red Bull Slovakia.

Today, March 21st 2019, is an exciting day for me as a project we have been working on since November of 2018 has been released. It has already been featured at Mato Homola's conference press event, on Red Bull Slovakia, and on Slovakia's RTVS TV & Radio station.

This project is a short film / video about Mato Homola, Slovakia's #1 professional race car driver. The video goes over Matej Homola's winter (off season) preparation. Everything is based at his cabin in the mountainous region of Slovakia. Matej Homola is dressed in a typical "baca" attire and finds himself staring into the fire he had built, eventually falling asleep. In his dream we are taken on an adrenaline infused journey of him going down memory lane of his 2018 WTCR Season and reminiscing of his victory in Vila Real Portugal. Matej then sits in his go-kart and goes for a wild ride deep into a winter storm wonderland. Watch it for yourself below! As Matej crashes into a snowbank the dream ends and Matej is awakened by a set of keys falling . The dream comes to an end and we are back in reality. Matej shrugs the dream off with a laugh and goes to take a look inside his wooden garage only to find a beautiful Hyundai i30 race car! The video ends with the audience finding out who, where, and what Matej will be racing in the 2019 season. More about that here.

A big congratulations goes out to Matej and we wish him all the best in his 2019 season, now check out the video :)

How did the film / video concept come about?

Martin: "Matej's brother: Ondrej Homola and I were on a road trip in Arkansas in late November of 2018 and we were brainstorming about what we could do to get people excited about go karting and motorsport in Slovakia. So I thought of doing something that has not been done yet and that is to drive a go kart up and down hill in deep snow. Yes... I have seen some videos on YouTube of people trying this but a lot of it was done on ice and on flat lakes across Scandinavia. It was time to bring it to the Slovak Mountains!"

Matej: "I wanted to do a crazy and adrenaline video right after the finish of my 2018 season and was waiting for the first snow to fall. I wanted something different, something that captures the attention of everyone."

What about the car reveal part?

Martin: "Honestly, at first we were just focusing on making an adrenaline go kart video and our goal was to work with Red Bull Slovakia. Filming in the big winter storm was really hard to do and many of our plans did not work out as expected... so the project almost got scratched. BUT, everything happens for a reason and in the end we were able to perfectly tie in Mato Homola's race car reveal + 2019 new season announcement into the video and the project got new hopes!"

Tell us a little about the filming itself.


"I am really proud to be able to say that I produced, directed, filmed and edited this short film. Of course, none of that would have been possible without a great team of 10+ people whom I will be referring to below.

We planned to film for one day but soon found out the hard realities of filming on set :). All in all we spent 6 days of filming and preparation + additional 20 days of post editing. It took 1 whole day to prepare the Go Kart for winter conditions (big thanks to Tomas & Ondrik Kuna for helping) and at that point we were still unsure if this would work. With limited time to film we had no other option than to go for it. Snow was nowhere in site!

We filmed a lot of the indoor + outdoor scenes at the cabin (took 2 days of filming) and once we had all the intro + ending shots. This was filmed at a cabin where we got a lot of help from Andy Kasana in the role of assistant director. After this, we were ready to bring the Go Kart. The day of the actual go kart filming was brutal! One of the worst rain / sleet / snow storms I have seen in the area and all of our equipment got a beating! There were some damages to the gear. The shots from that day were not that great and I was sad about the whole thing knowing how much work was put in and that there was no chance for a re-shoot. A huge thanks to my girlfriend Andrea Fornerova for being such strong moral support and for shooting amazing pictures on scene (see below). Another great photographer was Tomas Bartalos. Ondrej Homola helped a lot with the logistics and behind the scenes video. All in all after this day we were all tired and left it off there.... Matej was completely soaked and frozen... not sure he ever recovered after that day :P.

A couple months down the road Matej solidified his 2019 season plans, team, car and so we were ready to continue filming. Matej and Martin Kubecka went down to Italy for a full day to film and photograph the new race car. Fun story: we almost missed the car as soon after the film crew's arrival it was scheduled to ship out to another location. Thanks to Martin Kubecka we were able to get good footage of the race car itself and this gave us the ability to close out the film with a meaningful message."


"I started working on preparing for filming in November of 2018 with my brother Ondrej and friend Martin Tatar, whom are both in USA. The whole concept, story, shot plan and preparation was done long distance. The main creator, producer, director and editor was Martin and he 100% believed my idea and gave it 100% dedication.

After new year we went to film this on set and along with another cameraman, Tomas Bartalos, and photographer Andrea Fornerova we filmed the go kart in the snow. It was a very difficult day of shooting as there was heavy / wet snow falling and the go kart was literally plowing through the snow. There were several times where the go kart gave up on us as its not built for these conditions. However, thanks to Tomas Kuna whom helped with the go kart along the whole way and always made it work."

For the scenes with the Hyundai I had to call another cameraman, Martin Kubecka, because my "Americans" were back in the states. In the end we managed to shoot everything and this team, with a non easy production, made a video that was not easy to piece together into one single idea.

I would like to say thank you to everyone that attended, especially for their great work and eagerness to create something different and interesting!"

What have you learned from this experience?

Martin: "What I learned during and after this whole film project is that nothing would be possible without a team. Sounds like cliche I know! But seriously... the chemistry and energy of this team was out of this world. It was so extremely easy for all of us to get along and work together. Almost too easy. I think that is rare... but it made things easier in difficult situations and especially on the day of that crazy winter storm. It is as if there was no storm and all we had was sunny weather. No one seemed to mind it, complain or have tendencies to give up. Wow!

I also learned that everything requires proper preparation and organization. The fact that we were well organized made things smooth and well running.

Last but not least: I got the taste of finding out that filming and putting together projects of this caliber is not easy at all. It was way harder than I expected and I would like to compare the film crew to that of a Motorsport crew. Everyone has their place, role, and strength. When these variables are pieced together and are given creative room to grow then wonders can happen. It takes a team to win and that is what we showcased here!"






Director & producer - Martin Tatar

Starring - Mato Homola

Director of photograph - Martin Tatar

Assistant director - Andy Kasana

Camera 1 - Martin Tatar

Camera 2 - Tomas Bartalos

Camera 3 - Andrea Fornerova

Camera 4 & Drone - Martin Kubecka

Design & Graphics - Ondrej Homola

Editing - Martin Tatar

Go Kart Mechanic 1 - Tomas Kuna

Go Kart Mechanic 2 - Ondrik Kuna

Special thanks to:

Tomas Kuna - for making the go kart work in snow.

Target Competition - for the opportunity to shoot the Hyundai i30 N TCR in their warehouse


Red Bull Sound Supply - Future Identity Identify


Mato Homola 2019 Season Information:

New Car - Hyundai i30 N TCR

New Team - Target Competition

New Championship - TCR Europe

New Motivation - To be TCR Europe 2019 Champion!

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