Climbing Mount Fuji

Climbed Mount Fuji in the pre-season (late June) right before the main season starts. Found two cool dudes from Trip Advisor to climb with: Kirk & John!

Date of climb: June 23rd, 2018.


1. Meet with John and Kirk at Shibuya crossing at 10:30pm on June 22nd, 2018.

2. Ride the subway together to Aobadai Station with an arrival of 11:30PM.

3. Private driver (a friend) to drive us to Fujinomiya Trailhead with a planned arrival before 2am.

4. Drop of the off season Police Report to the box at trailhead (form link: Location: Trailhead postbox for climbing plans (staircase landing in the rest house in fromt of Fujisan General guidance Centre at 5th station trailhead entrance)

5. Climb up Fujinomiya Trail starting at 2am. Try to summit by sunrise (4:30am). We actually summited at 4:55am.

6. Be back down by 9am (conservative estimate as we will descent via the same trail)

7. Catch a bus from the trailhead down to Fuji as buses run up and down to Fujinomiya station. Here is our OFF SEASON bus schedule from Fujinomiya back to down to Fuji:

8. Take Shinkansen from Fuji back to Shinagawa, Tokyo.

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