Čičmany Slovakia

History of Čičmany:

The village is located in North Slovakia in the Zilina Region and it is known as the first folk architecture reserve in the world (founded in 1977). The name is derived from a Slovak word čičman (a lumberjack who makes a noise during the work). source

This town is famous for its timbered houses with ridge roofs and the white patterns painted on the walls of the houses to decorate them. First written records of this village date back to year 1272.

What to do in Čičmany?

1. First and foremost take a walk across town. It’s a short walk and wont take you more than 30 minutes. You can make it longer and/or adjust it to shorter depending on how you feel about it.

2. After your walk take a look at the small museum in the middle and the gift shop next to it. They have beautiful traditional souvenirs there.

3. Another point of interest is the church at the beginning of the village. There is also a good coffee shop called Folk Art Cicmany that I recommend - this coffee shop is within the souvenir shop.

4. If you have more time in Cicmany other activities recommended are: biking and hiking during the summer and skiing in winter at the nearby Javorinka ski resort.

I have lived in Slovakia for over half of my life and I have yet to visit Cicmany. Growing up my parents would take me on trips all over the country. We visited many cities, villages, towns, museums, castles, caves and other natural wonders. Me and my dad have a goal to walk across all of Slovakia along the RED marked Stefanikova Magistrala Trail that goes along the ridge line of all of Slovak’s mountain ranges from Bratislava all the way east to the boarder of Ukraine.

Anyways, point being I finally got to visit Čičmany. What motivated me to visit this beautiful traditional town? Well it was my friend Patrik. I had the opportunity to sail all across southeastern Alaska with Patrik during the summer of 2017 and he told me that him and his parents have a cabin in Čičmany. They stay there every year during the holidays. What a great opportunity! So me and my girl visited Patrik on December 31st right before New Years Eve and we had a blast 😊

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