The Ultimate Slovenia Itinerary | VISITING SLOVENIA?

So you are thinking of visiting Slovenia and have no idea where to start, where to go, and what to see? No worries I got you :)

The ultimate Slovenia Itinerary can be done in 3 to 4 days with possible add ons depending what you are in for.

How to get there and where to start?

Slovenia is usually not the first destination that comes to mind when visiting Europe and it is often a short quick visit so what I recommend is adding this destination to another trip you are already planning to undertake: Italy? Austria? Croatia?

It is really easy to fly into Slovenia's capital city airport of Ljubljana Joe Pucnik Airport BUT this kind of puts you outside of where you want to be so the IDEAL scenario is driving to Slovenia from Italy, Austria, or Croatia (depending on what you are visiting before).


You want to start in Bovec because this is where all the adventure begins and this is one of the "bigger" villages out in the country side of Slovenia.

Plan on arriving in Bovec at night / late afternoon and check into your hotel. There are a lot of housing options available here both on and / or airbnb.

For dinner just walk to any restaurant on the main square and also make sure you figure out where your rafting guide / company is located so that you are ready to be there early in the AM and know where it.


Watch the video above to see how it looks :) but this should be your plan on Day 1 and that is to go Rafting & Canyoning. Bovec has 30+ rafting companies and it is really easy to find a guide company. There is almost no difference between the companies and they all have the same price + services. Its quiet the battle out will feel the competition between them. We went with these guys and they were great. They are located right on the main square in a small side alley. They were very responsive and easy to book things with. In regards to booking you can pay upfront or later.

I recommend you do a half day of rafting and a half day of canyoning. Each activity takes about 2 to 3 hours and you have 3 hours in between for lunch. It is an ideal balanced day... Doing each activity for a full day will absolutely drain you. Splitting the activities into half days will also allow you to have time for down time and food and water instead of having to carry it with you. These activities are also great for children (especially the rafting one).

At the end of the day if you still feel adventurous and have time then go hike to the KOZJAK Waterfall. It is definitely unique. Bring a swimsuit and swim in it :)

NOTE: depending on what time of the year you go rafting there might not be enough water to do a full day of rafting anyways... and the river gets crowded in the summer so you determine what you are looking for.


This is one of the craziest and steepest drive in the country. The switchbacks are narrow and tough to navigate. Especially with a manual drive rental car.

So along the way up to Vrsic Pass (link here) make sure you see the following:

1. Swim in the Soca River along the road up to the pass. Pick any private Oasis spot :) Swim naked... :P

2. IZVIR SOCE - this is where the River Soca comes out of the ground and is born. Super cool sight...

3. If you are an intense hiker hike up ROBICJE MOUNTAIN from the parking lot of the Vrsic Pass

4. If you do not like #3 above then just continue down to Krajnska Gora and check out the old Russian Chapel (Ruska Kapelica) on the hill.

5. Get dinner in Kranjska Gora and check into your hotel.


As you wake up in Kranska Gora (wake up early) then put this in your Google Maps: Aljazev Dom v Vratih. This is where you drive to and park to start the hike / climb up to Triglav. You can also just go here for coffee and check out the mountain and national park from the bottom. If you are not climbing Triglav then go to the nearby waterfall for views. Its called SLAP PERICNIK

If you want to hike / climb Triglav then make sure you ADD 2 MORE DAYS to your itinerary. Leave everything in your car and grab your backpack and your essentials. You will also need a VIA FERATA harness and set to climb up there + reserve huts at the top. The summer can be supper crowded and packed up on the mountain. Email me for more info on this activity.


This day is optional...and you can even fit in Lake Bled into DAY 3 if you dont go climb Triglav. Lake Bled and Ljubljana are pretty commercial and similar to many European cities so you determine if you are an outdoor person or a city tourist and based on that build this into your itinerary.

CHEERS! Let me know if you have questions or if you have feedback for this ultimate itinerary!

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