Chichen Itza and Tulum, MEXICO

A month later on a train ride in Slovakia travelling from Tatry do Bratislava I finally get to sit down and write this blog post. Late? Yes indeed! But better late than never ;) HAH. Ok so here we go, listen up:

I got to visit Cancun, Mexico with my family in July. Thanks family for inviting me! Had a blast with all my family members and mostly my little bro and sis. They are the love of my life. So happy to be a part of their family.

We stayed in Hyatt Ziva, Cancun. Wow what a hotel! Loved it. Highly recommend it and I will definitely return if I get the chance to.

From there we travelled to Chichen Itza and Tulum. For those of you that don’t know what these 2 things mean or are. They are both places / cities of the Maya civilization. Chichen Itza was the capital of the Maya Civilization. Its about a 3 hour drive from Cancun and as there are many tourist agencies that can take you there I highly recommend you do your research and find a good one. Essentially the whole trip relies on your tour guide. It can make or break your trip. We had a great guy going out there and he gave us a quick tour, nothing too long as that can be boring. He also gave us enough free time and helped us with ordering the Maya Calendar. It was a good souvenir to get as buying such calendars directly contributes to charity that takes care of such things as maintaining these sites and providing access to education to local children. Not much more I got to say about Chichen Itza but happy to answer any questions you might have. The most notable memories I have from there are: 1. The sound acoustics of all the buildings and the magnificently calculated architecture. Each building was made to have the right acoustics in relation to the other spatially located buildings. 2. Furthermore I can’t forget about the national Maya sport where they would toss a ball into a ring and at the end the loser would sacrifice the winner. Wow that’s cruel! 3. Another memorable thing was how if you clapped in specific parts of the area it would magnify your clap and it would also sometimes resonate 7 times representing the 7 chakras. Wow! Genius! It seems like this civilization was incredibly intelligent but cruel. They would bind the heads of certain people to deform their skulls. Ouch! Check out some of the shots I managed to capture:

The next site we visited from Cancun was Tulum. Tulum is a Mayan walled city serving as a major port. It is one of the only cities built on the coast and is a couple minutes outside of Playa Del Carmen. One thing to know is to bring a lot of bug spray! For some reason this place had way more mosquitos than Chichen Itza (which had none). Bring good strong bug spray but please apply it outside of the bus LOL as someone nearly suffocated the whole bus with their bug spray. This site was a lot of fun as well but we had a terrible. Absolutely terrible tour guide. Wish I remembered her name but I guess she is lucky since I am writing this a month later haha! Either way we got to see the site and also got to swim below the ruins. There is a beautiful beach right below and I highly recommend you swim there. You have to! So bring a swim suit, towel, and some underwater goggles and a GoPro ;) You wont regret it.

At the end we topped off the whole trip to Tulum by visiting the GRANDE CENOTE which is like 30 minutes outside of Tulum. Cenotes are my favorite part of Mexico. You have to visit one if you never have! It is a sweet water tasting swimming hole. Very cold but refreshing water! Best part? The cleanest and most sea through water you will ever swim in. Guaranteed. GO DO IT and stop making excuses.

Cheers until next time and hope you like the pics ;)

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