Translating life's stories through video & photography that speak more than words ever could.

Hey, I'm Martin Tatar. I'm an Experience Designer, Video Creator and Photographer. I consider myself a global citizen who has studied, interacted, and worked with people from various cultures throughout the world.

Growing up in an international environment enabled me to see the world from a different perspective: the perspective of new emerging creative ideas and their use of technology. Consequently, I have become interested in information technology and its interconnectedness with people, communities, and real world scenarios. Through my travels I have noticed the opportunity of technology improving people's lives. This motivated me to educate people about possible ways to use technology in making their lives "simpler".

Through my work I try to share my unique experiences & open people's eyes to other cultures and ways of live. I also like to design travel experiences for other people so they get to experience this beautiful world first hand- reach out if you are interested!



Inspiring innovation, to have a capacity for envisioning what the coming months, years, or decades could, should, or will be like.


Discipline (work hard): by training, DOing and control.


Competitive, Futuristic, Strategic, Loyal, Achiever, Analytical, Disciplined, Innovative   


English, Slovak, Czech, and Spanish


Organizing Expedition Trips, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing, Environmental Sustainability, Building Communities, Filming, Video Editing, Teaching


University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management

Bachelor of Science - Management Information Systems, Entrepreneurial Management

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in the following languages:
English, Slovak, French

Austin Community College

Continuing Education: Spanish


Climb The Wall App
Invented, developed and published a free rock climbing puzzle game for mobile iOS devices. Read more about the process here.

The Slovak Experience

A travel service for custom niche trips to Slovakia, tailored to your unique personality and needs. Experiences are everything. 


Mt. Triglav tallest peak in Slovenia | 2,864m

Started our journey at Aljazev Dom at 6:30am in the Triglav National Park and made our way all the way up to the summit and back in 15 hours. 

September 2020

Off Season climb up Mount Fuji Japan | 3,776m

Climbed up Fujinomiya Trail starting from 5th Station. Start time at 2am June 23rd, 2018. Summit time at 5am. Round trip with 30 minutes on top was 6 hours and 7 minutes.  (12,388 ft). 

June 2018

Unsuccessful summit of Pico De Orizaba Mexico | 5,636m

Via Jamapa Glacier route from Piedra Grande Hut. Stormy weather had us turn around at the base of the glacier (aprox. 5,000m / 16,404 ft). 

April 2018

Sailed across Southeastern Alaska

Sailed from Juneau Alaska to Hoonah, Gustavus, Glacier Bay (every cove), to Haines, and up to Skagway aboard a 42 foot Pearson Sailing Vessel.

June 2017

Guided 6 day trek to Uhuru Peak Kilimanjaro | 5,895m 

Via Rongai Route. 5895m /19,341 ft. Jun 15. 2016

June 15 2016 Time: 6:10am


Self-Guided Salcantay Trek Peru | 4,800m

From Mollepata to Machu Picchu - Distance covered by foot 67km 

Max altitude reached climbing up towards peak of Nevado Humantay: 4800m / 15,750 ft.

Nov 2015


Unsuccessful Climb up Mt. Rainier | 4,392m

Via Cowlitz Glacier. White out conditions. Turned around at Ingraham Flats. Max altitude reached 3383m / 11,100 ft.

July 2015


Climbed Mt. Adams | 3,743m

Started at South Climb Trailhead with 1 night on the mountain. Summit at 3,743m / 16,281ft.

July 2015


Climbed tallest peak in Slovakia (Gerlachovsky Stit) | 2,654m

Max altitude reached climbing up from Zadny Gerlach towards Gerlach: 2,654m / 8709 Ft.

August 2014

An American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certified Single Pitch Instructor (SPI)

Oct 2015