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Follow Martin's and Peter's climb up Mt. Aconcagua

I put this page together for you to follow along the journey! On this page you can learn everything including:

Daily Updates

When possible (due to cell reception) I'll post updates here. 

Live Tracking

Track my position at all times with my Satellite Garmin InReach map below:

Direct Tracking Link in case the map above is giving you a hard time.

Got more questions on the expedition? Read below

The 5 Ws

Who? - Martin & Peter with the guiding company: Elite Exped

What? - Aconcagua the highest mountain in the Americas, the highest outside Asia, and the highest in the Southern Hemisphere with a summit elevation of 6,961 metres (22,838 ft).

When? - Jan 14th to Jan 31st, 2023

Where? - Argentina, South America Cordillera of the Andes mountain range.

Why? - To test, experience and understand my physical, mental and spiritual self and to hopefully climb another one of the 7 Summits. 

Getting there?

Flying out of Vienna, Austria to Barcelona Spain. Then flying over to Santiago, Chile and from there to Mendoza, Argentina. From Mendoza by bus to Aconcagua Provincial Park (185 km away from the city of Mendoza, near the border with Chile). 

Physical training

Hiking: For the past 4 months over the weekends I hiked all over Czech Republic and Slovakia. Mainly in High Tatras and across Slovak's trail called Cesta SNP. I put in a good 300km of hiking. 

Climbing: Continued bouldering and as I lost weight while hiking I managed to climb a couple tough 7B graded routes.

Weight lifting & rowing: Every other day. Really enjoyed my Concept D2 Rower

Diet: Intermitent fasting + Carnivore (mostly meat)

Mental Preparation

Wim Hof Breathing excercises for 30 days straight

Wim Hof Ice / Cold Exposure at least 11 min per week

Infra Sauna / Heat at least 1 hour per week

Acupuncture and Meditation when possible

Sand Dunes


I ended up packing an extensive list of gear. Over the past 10 years and countless outdoor outtings I worked on optimizing my gear brands and items and I'll be sharing more on that in my upcoming YouTube series. For now, know that I managed to pack into 2 base camp duffel bags each weighing at about 22kg. 

What next?

After the journey is complete I plan to release a 6 part mini series on YouTube documenting the journey so stay tuned! I filmed all of my physical and mental preparation, a detailed gear list and packing, the journey and my thoughts on it after. 

A special thank you goes out to my wife, family, and friends for the continued support and in believing of my crazy ideas. 

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